Before you rent a helium tank, know how many balloons you will need, so you can determine the size of tank you will need to rent. The following charts should help you.


Helium Tank with Valve

Price: ​​$ 30.00

Fill out  around 30 balloons


Helium Tank with Valve 

Price: $ 70.00

Fill out around 70 balloons



Helium Tank with Valve 

Price: $ 225.00

Fill out around 500 balloons

Four J Party is a company based in the satisfaction of our customers, our service is kids’ party rentals, birthday party, rent tables and chairs, pinatas, wedding and quinceaneras.

​This portable Helium Tank is a must have for any party. The Helium Tank fills between 32 balloons to 1187 balloons and inflates balloons made of Mylar and latex. The float time for each latex balloon is approximately 5-7 hours.

Four J Party Rental prove a valve of the helium to inflate balloons, Our Party rental require a deposit of $ 100.00 cash, this money will be returned when the customers returned, valve and tank, those equipment will be inspect, If you want to give the $ 100.00 deposit on credit card, it will add a 2% fee per transaction.​